dr_salah_uddin_mahmoodKidney is an important organ of human body. To keep the human active and fresh the role of kidney is very important. It may be called the controller of the interred water-liking element into the human body. Kidney sweeps out 80% waste product from the body. It is called the machine of producing urine. When kidney remains inactive then the human body remains inactive. Kidney lost its power for various causes and in this situation we call it kidney disease. One kind of protein comes out of from the body of 15% of the people due to high blood pressure and 8% of the people due to urinary defects that is called albumin. The people who are suffering from this disease about 70% of them do not know that they are suffering from this disease. According to obtained information, about two crores of people have been suffering form this disease. The death rate in this regard has stood at about 40,000 (Forty thousand). One attacked by this disease does not know how much dangerous situation he has been fallen. There are many people who are to live by dialysis. If it is inactive there is no way to change this. These are very expensive. So, those who are attacked by this disease do not have any device way out but counting the day of death. For the treatment of kidney disease a segment of deceivers are doing this opportunity actualized and taking large amount of money from the patients but in this poor country there have not been created any remedy in this regard. Our physicians have yet not been capable to make any effective solution to overcome this disease that may be the expectable radiance to the middle class and lower class people.


Food Restriction For Kidney Patient

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Nephrotic Syndrome

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Other impacts with CKD

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Tests for Kidney Patient

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Alternative Medicine For Kidney Treatment

Syrup Nephrogen work for Chronic renal failure, albumin in urine, male and female sex organs remain moisture, frequent delivery of urine, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, diabetic nephropathy and Retinopathy, loss of libido.

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