A Surprising Creation to Cure Kidney Disease

Kidney is an important organ of human body. To keep the human active and fresh the role of kidney is very important. It may be called the controller of the interred water-liking element into the human body. Kidney sweeps out 80% waste product from the body. It is called the machine of producing urine. Removal of waste products,Removal of excess fluid,Balance minerals and chemicals,Control of blood pressure,Red blood cells production, maintain healthy bones is the main function of kidney.Malfunction of the kidneys can lead to serious illness or even death.

DAKWF is the world first successful Kidney treatment organization founded by Prof Salah Uddin Mahmood who is the inventor of new treatment process for Diabetic and Kidney disease.

Diabetic and Kidney Welfare Foundation officially formed in September 2003 and the activity of started from january 2004. DAKWF started activities with kidney patient identification program in whole Bangladesh from January 2005. It's successfully giving treatment to very critical kidney patient. It has experience of curing kidney patient over 16 years.

DAKWF has been arranging lots of community services since 2003. Like Kidney and Diabetics patients identification program to bunch of city and town in Bangladesh.

Our mission is to extend this treatment process globally.

Now our mission is to provide kidney treatment globally by our successful alternative medicine. So that many critical patients can be cured by our alternative medicine, no need kidney transplant and kidney dialysis. Our Treamtemnt is more affordable than kidney transplant and other treatment.

We have successfully cured lots of diabetics and kidney patient.
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Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) one kind of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) one kind of Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)